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  • General Access Ticket

    4-days of UNTOLD Festival

    € 159,00

    This ticket gives you access to all stages at the UNTOLD Festival from Thursday 04-08-2022 to Sunday 07-08-2022. 

    Excluding €8,- of service fee

    • 159,00


  • Interrail

    UNTOLD Festival 2022 photo

    Ultimate freedom and unlimited travel to almost all places in Europe: Buy an Interrail ticket and get on the road! With Interrail you can travel unlimitedly for a certain period of time through as many as 33 countries in Europe. Ideal to combine with UNTOLD Festival.

    Make sure you reserve your train travel in time, so you are sure of a place on the train.

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  • Festival Travel earplugs-29%

    Duo set with case

    17,50 12,50

    These silicon earplugs from Thunderplugs are indispensable during Untold Festival! The filter attenuates the sound at all frequencies so you can enjoy the music, but are protected against hearing damage. Ideal for festivals where the music is often loud, especially near the speakers. Another plus: the earplugs are almost invisible in your ears. 

    Now with free shipping! 

    Excluding € 1.00 service charge

    • 17,50 € 12,50