Lollapalooza Berlin 2019

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  • 2-Day Ticket

    € 149,00

    The 2-Day Pass gives you access to the festival on saturday 7 september 2019 and sunday 8 september 2019. 

    Excl. 1 euro service fee per product.

    • 149,00


  • Interrail

    Lollapalooza Berlin 2019 photo

    Ultimate freedom and unlimited travelling to almost all places in Europe: buy an Interrail ticket and set off! With Interrail you can travel unlimited for 30 days through 30 countries in Europe. Perfect to combine with Lollapalooza Berlin.

  • Bus trip

    Lollapalooza Berlin 2019 photo

    The last Early Birds with €20 discount are now available! 

    In cooperation with Big East, Festival.Travel organizes bus trips from the Netherlands and Belgium to Lollapalooza Berlin. Take the Lollapalooza Berlin Bus to the festival and you are sure that you can take enough luggage with you.

    Return trip from €89 per person. 

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